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Sponsorships and Fostering Foals and Mares

The sponsorship of the mares enables them to live out their lives in sanctuary. They will never be bred again and will not have to be transported, acclimatized or processed for adoption. This is especially a blessing for the older mares. For $75 per month, they will have hay whenever it is needed. They will see a vet and a farrier twice a year and they will get vaccines and deworming. Copies of receipts for their care will be available on request and their pictures will be updated on a regular basis. We will be able to track the funds going to their care and will offer automatic withdrawal or credit card payment.

Many people want to help the foals and mares, but can't actually adopt or foster them. These other levels of support will enable you to have a relationship with them from afar, but you are always welcomed to meet them.

How to be an Angel

Lightning donation specific donation – you choose the amount and the need
Sunshine donation $75 per month - name the foal – get video updates
Rainbow donation $200 per month for 6 months – or $600 at one time – name the foal get video updates – holds foal for adoption.

This is a one time donation towards a specific need. For example, we can get halters for $5, wormers for $10,blankets for $30, vaccinations against disease go from $10 to $40. $35 will get your foal or mare hoof trimming, $50 will pay for 1 month of grain for a foal, $75 for a month of grain for a mare, $150 will pay for pastureland per month.
The lightning sponsorship is put towards a specific goal that you choose and like lightning it is instantaneous.
Donors who want to have an ongoing relationship with a particular foal or mare. Angels can donate a monthly amount starting at $75 per month for 6 months to support their favorite foal or mare. Angels can name the foal or mare and will receive video updates from them every 3 months. If the foal or mare is adopted during that time, the angel/donor may select another foal.
This sponsorship is like owning a foal or mare from afar.
For either $200 a month over 6 months or a onetime donation of $600. The angel/donor will receive video updates every 3 months and can name their foal or mare. The sponsorship covers all expenses and training. The donor can elect to adopt the foal during the sponsorship.
This is a good way to hold a foal or mare if a sponsor is unable to immediately adopt. A subsequent adoption is subject to all the conditions of EARS adoption agreement, including the total $800 adoption fee.

Fostering Foals and Mares

We have found that the mares and foals are more easily trained in smaller groups. Please contact us if you can foster 2 – 5 foals or mares on your property. We will be happy to discuss the fencing, water supply and shelter requirements with you.

Wish List
  • Halters
  • Lead Lines
  • Blankets
  • Brushes &
  • Hoofpics
  • Feed ( proof of purchase and seals from Triple Crown & Blue Seal feeds)
  • Fly Spray
  • Laptop Computer
Please send to address below or feel free to contact us.
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